Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Birthday Shirt for Ireland

Wylie's gal pal, Ireland, is turning one on January 4th. Her mom asked me to make a shirt for her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party. I hope that she likes it!

Happy 1st Birthday Ireland!


Thursday, January 2, 2014


It hasn't stopped snowing for 3 days...

We've cleared the car twice and it's still covered.

It reminds me of my days at Hope College. It's very pretty, but I prefer to look from the window ;) Monday it's supposed to be -8°. Holy moly!

Stay warm! Brrr!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Being Mommy

There is nothing in the world I enjoy more than being Mommy. It truly is the best :)

I have been sewing quite a bit. I especially enjoy sewing for Wylie. Although finding things to sew for boys is tricky. It's doable, but tricky. I made his game day outfit. Cotton shorts with an elastic waist band, and appliqu├ęd 'Ohio' onto the onesie.

He was pretty stylin', until he exploded... And guess who didn't have a spare set of clothes packed? Mommy fail. I quickly ran into Meijer to get something and lucked out! I found a super cute crab romper for $1.63 Including tax! Mommy win!
Its always an adventure with this kid. He's a sweet boy.

Happy Sewing!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Deal Hunting

Yesterday my sister sent me this:

(Click the photo for link to Adventures of a Couponistas site)

Seeing that I have a 4month old I was stoked! $1.49 (!!!) for a musical table that I already wanted to get?! Suh-weet! Plus I'm all about a good deal.

We don't have a printer at our house --well we do... just no ink, and ink is freakin' expensive-- so I asked PB to print them at work. Originally, I said just the musical table coupon (if you go to the coupon sites linked in Adventures of a Couponistas post, you'll see what I mean) but he came home with all 5 of the fisher price coupons. Which got me thinking...

So to RedLaser I went, searching for each of the toys that I had coupons for. I happened to find the items at lower prices, minus the coupons and hopefully this will help me get some GREAT deals.

This morning we (Wylie and I) headed off to Target, crossing our fingers this would work hassle free.

Unfortunately, it didn't go as smoothly as I was hoping... Actually, I was prepared to fight a little bit, since I was well aware of their store policy. You see, back in the day (Ha!), I worked at Target. No, you wont catch me sporting khaki pants and red shirt, ever. But I did work there, and do know their policies pretty well. The policy is: in order to price match you must show a paper copy of the opposing stores ad. What you would find in the Sunday paper. Recently they added online price matching, BUT it does not work as easily as you'd think. 1) They must be able to find the price on their iPad, located at customer service, using their specific applications and 2) the lower price can only be at either: Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and a few others but the point is not everywhere. During the Holiday season they are much more lax about this policy, which I think is silly... Why wouldn't you want to please your customer 100% of the time if they find the price cheaper, instead of just during specific times of the year?

Anyway, here's what I ran into when attempting to get this deal.

I went back to the toy section, the Fisher Price toys were all together, which was super helpful. I grabbed what I needed/wanted and headed for the check out. I went to the normal check out lanes and said I needed to do a price match and that it was on my phone, the girl sent me to customer service (which is how I found out about the new online/iPadpolicy). At customer service, I told her what I wanted to do:

I had:

Poppity Pop Musical Dino - Target price: $27.99 (msrp $34.99); I wanted to price match to Walmart $24.88

Laugh & Learn Puppy - Target price: $16.33 (msrp $24.99); price match to Target.com $14.25

Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table - Target price: $42.74 (msrp $44.99); price match to Kmart $21.49

Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy - Target price: $47.49 (msrp $49.99); price match to Kmart $24.99

And I had the Manufacturer Coupons printed and the Target Coupons printed and ready to go.

After I mentioned that I wanted to price match to Kmart, that was when I learned about the specific stores only policy. (For a store that will change the price at the register if you mention you thought it was cheaper, man, they make this hard...) So after going back and forth a couple times and speaking to the manger who was there too, they finally agreed to do it this once. (Woohoo!)

Here's what I ended up with:

(I wasn't exactly expecting the toys to be this huge...so I have to work on finding a place to store them today before PB gets home...)

Poppity Pop Musical Dino - $24.88 -$5 manufacturer coupon -$5 target coupon = $14.88

(most expensive item out of the bunch, but it evens out...)

Laugh & Learn Puppy - $14.25 -$5 maufacturer coupon -$5 target coupon = $4.25

Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table - $21.49 -$10 manufacturer coupon -$5 target coupon = $1.49 (!!!!!!!)

Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy - $24.99 -$10 manufacturer coupon -$10 target coupon = $4.99

msrp: $154.96 (msrp savings: $129.35)

If I went to target and just bought them without coupons/price matching: $134.55 (Target savings: $108.94)

My total : $25.61 (!!!!)

**My recommendation, if you are interested in getting these deals as well, would be to go to price match the Puppy and Dino at Target and go to Kmart to get the Table and the Stride-to-Ride Puppy. Target wasn't very willing to match the price, I had to be pretty assertive and some people aren't comfortable doing that. Even if you do go to Kmart it's still a great deal!**

I think it was a success! Wylie does too :)

I decided to stash these babies (except for the puppy) away. So, he will continue enjoying it come his birthday in November and Christmas in December!

Happy Deal Hunting!