Thursday, January 20, 2011

Amy Butler!!

I keep mentioning this cute little shop that I love in my area Sew to Speak! It many seem redundant but I keep finding wonderful things that I want to blog about! Especially the event tonight...


I cannot wait! :o) I usually have to teach tonight...but due to weather we are canceling classes. Which means, I can go! I am so excited! But nervous because I am not sure what to expect, or what to say really... Ahhhh!

Sew to Speak just got all of her new patterns, fabrics, and samples galore! They are so beautiful!

Eeeee! I am excited!

Are you going to attend the Amy Butler open house tonight? Have you met her before? Did you know she is from Ohio??

Gitty with Excitment!

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  1. :o( The event was CANCELED.

    See the info on Sew to Speak's blog:

  2. Sorry Julia :( I was half way there in this bloomin' snow....gotta love Ohio weather! Hope you are staying warm, safe and dry this evening.

  3. It was a bummer because I could actually go to this one! I cannot go to the next one :o( Unless by some miracle we don't have classes that night. We will just have to wait and see!


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