Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

It seems that most people begin the year with a New Year's Resolution that all too often is broken due to lack of interest or motivation. I am not one to judge by any means...I too have been there and done that. Although, this year I hope will be different (for me :o) at least)!

My 2011 New Years Resolution: Take time for myself each day; to craft, sew, journal, play a game, blog, take pictures, etc.

I just recently decided to create a craft corner for myself (picture to left is the work in progress). I assume over the next several days, weeks and months I will be endlessly adjusting things to get it just right. Wish me luck! But truly, this will help me escape from my everyday life to have a little "me-time" that I am dedicated to having for myself. And hopefully make the soon-to-be mr. happy that I am not taking over our dinning room table anymore.

Two-thousand-ten was my first year diving feet-first into sewing. I have had my little blue machine for quite some time now and have made several things with it over the years (baby blankets, burp cloths, pillows, tabby blankets, etc) nothing too fancy and nothing done "by-the-book" just doing it as I go. But I really never took full advantage of the possibilties until now.

I quickly realized that I was missing out.... I LOVE SEWING!! I love being able to create things from scratch and manipulate fabrics. It is so fun and rewarding. I am really excited for what this year has to offer.

Happy New Year friends!! And Happy Sewing!

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