Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Finds

Just recently, a class that I was teaching on Friday mornings was cancelled. Which is very sad...but I have to tell you I am loving having Friday's totally off! Today, I was lazy all morning. Slept in and then got up and had coffee with my friend Amber. Later, I went down to have lunch with my mom. We met at Rasin Rack in Westerville. I got a salad and Lobster Bisque soup. YUMMY! It was delicious.

After lunch I decided since I was in Westerville I would hit up the Antique and consignment shops downtown! At one of the shops it seemed like everything I touched didn't have a price....which ALWAYS happens to me. But luckily, it actually worked in my favor today.

I found this bag of buttons, snaps, thread and various other sewing treasures that didn't have a price. Some of the other items around it had prices that seemed realy high, as in $12 for a sheet of 4 buttons ...eek!... and knowing that there were a couple sheets of buttons and lots of loose buttons in the bag I was anticipating a high price. I decided to ask anyway, because you never know! The guy running the store was thrilled (...) that I found something without a price on it. So he went over to the area, found a tag that didn't have an item and said how about $4 for the bag. What a deal!

Then I found this fun little box!

It is a Traum Thread Box that has space for 12 spools of thread. Each spool has a slit on the outside for the thread to go through (underneath the lid) and a metal strip runs across the front of the box with a little notch to cut each thread. I thought it was so cool! So guess what, it too had no price. So up to the counter I went again...and the worker dude said $6 because I kind of like it. For the thread alone it was worth it!

It was a good day finding some hidden treasures!

Happy Antiquing!


  1. With the mention of Westerville I just realized you are local! I am originally from the Columbus area, but now live in Logan -- halfway between my husband's work (Columbus) and my work (Athens)

  2. I am, I live in Powell! I am finding that there are a lot of people around this area that have blogs and LOVE sewing.

    I was thinking about attending a Columbus Modern Quilt Guild event, how do you like it? What do you do?? Just want to make sure it is something that I would enjoy...


  3. I love your vintage thread bow with the cutter- great idea- thankyou for joining my quilt along- I will be posting the first instructions for it over the weekend! Can't wait!

  4. No problem! I think it will be so fun! Looking forward to it


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