Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale!

Everyone around me knows that: I love a good sale! Sew to Speak, a shop I have mentioned many-a-times is having a sale through Saturday! 25% 1 cut of fabric! They have a TON of new fabrics instock and it is def hard to chose which one to purchase. I made a small purchase today...hardly worthy of 25% off but I didn't really need anything else. Need being the key word there.

The Glass Thimble, just down the street from Sew to Speak was also having a sale. 24% off all regular priced merchandise (including patterns and fabric!) thru Saturday Jan 22nd. 24 for the 2.4 inches of snow we have gotten this year (2011) and 9 days long for the day that we got the most snow! Clever way to run a sale, I think. I picked up a pattern :o) So excited to try it out!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Do you have to have a coupon or can you just walk in and get the discount? This might be where I buy the fabric for the book slings that I want to make!

    Let me know!

  2. Jill,
    You don't need a coupon, just go in before Saturday!! :o) Have you gone yet? We could go together? -Julia


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