Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wonky Star Quilt-a-long

I started my quilt last night and found that the fabric I have is not the right amount for the quilt-a-long. I only have a few 1/8ths and 1/4s and 1/2s of yards of the fabrics I want to use. So in order to make use of this fabric (instead of purchasing more...see i don't need anymore----->) i decided to make a Wonky Star Quilt... less wonky. So the blocks will be even and centered in each block instead of offset etc.

I also joined this Quilt-a-long thinking I would be making a baby quilt. Well...I am not... I wasn't really inspired by the fabric I had for the baby. So I am making this a cuddle blanket for me! And later I will make another one for the baby. I am really excited about the fabrics that I am using! Loving the Coffee and Tea theme :o) I just have to make sure there is enough left for my mug rug swap.

So here we go! I began cutting the fabric last night, and finished too!

This tutorial by The Silly BooDilly was sooooo helpful in making my wonky stars! Check it out... it really is that easy! (Thanks Kerry for the recommendation!)

Here is the lay out of my center blocks for my Wonky-Stars: (Like my wonderful assistant?)

Next step.....SEW!


I really enjoyed making this block, it was pretty simple and pretty fun!

:o) Look for more soon!

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  1. Love it Julia- the background fabric is nice too, printed like hessian. Watch out in the next quilt-a-long section, I did a short cut for cutting the solid but it works slightly differently on fabric that isn't the same on both sides. I'll make sure info is in the tutorial


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