Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amy Butler

Last night Amy Butler came for a shoppe visit! It was reschedule from a snowed-out date in January. In all honestly, it snuck up on me. I had every intention of being well prepared with maybe one of my Amy Butler projects completed, dressed like a normal person with patterns in hand.....but that didn't happen. I realized that it was the 15th on my way to work. Which for a normal person with a normal schedule this would be fine. For me, [the non-normal person] I teach dance so I was wearing what most people consider sweats/work-out clothes and I was headed to work at 3:45pm and didn't finish teaching until 7:15pm.......the shoppe closed at 8pm! Ahhhhhhhhh! Needless to say, I raced home, grabed my patterns, grabed my camera, raced to Sew to Speak and was nearly the last person in line. Whew!

While waiting in line, I met a lovely lady named Mandy. It was so nice to speak with her and get to know her a little bit (while waiting over an hour!) As we were talking we found out that her daughter takes gymnastics at the studio where I teach dance classes.....It truly is such a small world! Mandy was carrying a fabulous Cosmo Bag that she made from Amy Butler's new book Styles & Stitches. It was nice to meet you Mandy!

Finally!!! It was my turn to sit down and speak with Amy Butler!
It really was nice of her to sit down with each of us and talk. I was expecting an assembly line type of deal. But no. She took the time of out her busy and more exciting life to sit down and speak to each of us about sewing, patterns, projects we are working and our passion for fabric. What a nice treat it was.

I brought my four patterns that I have of Amy's thinking I would have to choose one to have signed, but again to my surprise she graciously signed all of them. What a nice lady she is. So genuine and caring. She also gave those who came a pack of free patterns and a lovely postcard thanking us for taking the time to sit with her and meet her.

All and all I am glad I went. I was a little nervous at first, with not being sure what to expect and especially not knowing what to say. But it was lovely.

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies from Sew to Speak! You guys rock!


  1. I was there last night too! Cristin and I were one of the last....we must have seen you there, but didn't know it! Hope to see you at the CMQG meeting tomorrow...

  2. My oh my! It is such a small world! Well next time we will just have to pay more attention... I would love to come to the meeting tomorrow, but I work until 7:45... :o( Are the meetings ALWAYS on Thursdays?

  3. That's so great! They are the designers though and they probably want to touch each of their "clients" so that they know who they are designing for... So cool!

    Glad you got there and were able to meet her! Nice that she gave you a few free things too! Very fun!

  4. I wanted to go but can't drive up twice in one week -- and I have a guild meeting tomorrow. Bummer!

  5. It was really fun Julia! And she was so nice to talk to everyone and take pictures. I was very impressed! It was great to be there and great to be a part of such a wonderful little shoppe. Thanks for coming - I am so glad you were able to make it after work :) mary

  6. Jill: Sorry you didn't time!

    Beth: I wish I could come to the meeting tomorrow, but I work until 7:45 :( Maybe next month... Have fun!

    Mary: I got in right in the nick of time, but so glad I went! You are lucky that you get to be part of the staff there. What a lovely and kind group of ladies! I too was impressed with Amy... I guess I imagine her as a rich, famous, untouchable celebrity! It may sound silly, but it's true! It's nice to realize that she is human too and can drive her mini cooper to take the time to meet people that adore her work :)


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