Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greatest Idea Ever!

So I have been struggling with google reader... Not being motivated to use it. How to use it. Annoyed that I couldn't see the actual blog (the colors, the pictures, the cheery pages of each blog) until I discovered the "Next" button!


My struggles were cured and I could easily go through the pages and pages and pages of blogs on my google reader (that I desperately need to catch up on....eek!) and see every single one in real blog-life! And write comments easily too.
If you don't know what I am talking about: It is a handy dandy little button that you save to your favorites in your tool bar, and it simply says "Next". Click it, and it takes you to the next blog in your reader. So sweet! How do you get this button?
Go to your google reader
----->settings (upper right corner)
----->reader settings
----->right click on the "Next" button
----->click save as bookmark
----->save to your "Favorites Bar" or drag it there

Sigh.... Makes life happy again (hehe)

Thanks Cluck Cluck Sew for the WONDERFUL tip :o)

Do you use google reader? or another "reader" platform? Or were you holding out on me and already KNEW about the "Next" button?!

Hope you had a good Wednesday! Bye for now


  1. Thank you a million times for sharing that tip! How awesome!

  2. I use Google reader every day and sometimes the dashboard for Blogger. I like to keep it up in a separate tab for those extra spare moments to catch up on everyone's doings. I have to admit that I have not really ventured too much into blogging and that I just can't find time to make my own post everyday, but I do find time to read everyone else's!!

    Loved your post on your "corner". Did you every think of looking for an old armoire that you could turn into your sewing corner? That might be another option for you in the future, then you could close the doors and hide everything all at once. Happy hump day!

  3. A.J. Dub: You are welcome for sharing! It really is a fabulous find! I am in love with it, and I am able to connect with more people because of it... yay!

    JustDucky65: It is hard keeping up with a blog. I work full time so the time that I am at home I occasionally just don't feel like blogging....but other times I do. So I make it my own and write when I can. And occasionally (like today) post 3 or 4 posts in one day (oops!)

    I have thought about an armoire. I think that would be fabulous! Just don't have the space for that either right now! (Go figure...) But thanks for the idea!

    Have a great day ladies!


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