Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I decided that.....I LOVE TO SWAP!

It is so exciting to recieve something in the mail that you know is coming but don't really know when.... I posted previously about the Fabric Postcard I received and it inspired me to finish my Fabric Postcards for the swap. I finished them, and I am so excited about them! I decided that I am NOT going to post a hint because as I tell my students, I am really bad at hints....

Well, I am mailing out the postcards this keep your eyes peeled! ;)

[PS if you are interested in swapping, or starting a swap with me, or know of a swap let me know! I am totally in!! :o)]


  1. I'm so glad you'll be joining us for the Spring Mug Rug swap. I'll send out an e-mail with details once the registration deadline passes. I'll have to get a button together tonight just in case people want to spread the word. Till then, happy swapping!

  2. Are you part of the group: A Little Fabric, A Little Chocolate over on Flickr? Sign ups for that swap group are going on now. This will be my first time for participating. It looks like great fun.


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