Sunday, March 27, 2011

Are you a <I>Faithful</I> follower?

Are you a faithful follower?

Being new to blogging, I have realized the importance of making sure each blog I read, or even the blogs I just come across randomly, knows: 1. I've spent some time on their blog and 2. If I spend much time at all, I make sure I follow them. This is important to me (and to a lot of bloggers out there) because I feel we overlook the fact that each of the blogs we land on are written by people, just like us... It's weird to think that we could spend time on their blog (maybe even bookmarking a project to do later) and that blogger didn't even know we were there! (except in the stats of course...) Why not take a minute to comment and say "I was here!"

So my challenge to you is: 1. When you come across a blog and find your self searching around....write a quick note to say "I was here!" 2. Follow their blog!

I use google reader to follow blogs, but I was annoyed that I could not see all the colors and details and inspiration from the pages of each blog. Which is when I found the handy dandy Next Button, which I love! It so awesome and makes commenting and letting people know that "I was here!" quick and easy :)

I have added a blog roll page to the top of my blog. Here you can add your blog and let me know "I was here!" :)

Happy Sunday!


  1. I find commenting so much fun, and it always is good to find a new, interesting blog when you click through to your commenters' sites. And it's brilliant to know that somebody appreciates what you do, too!

    In Google Reader, I usually skim through all my faves and open the posts I would like to read in detail. But I will definitely try out that Next button now.

  2. I love the "Next" button too! It really enhances the reading experience. I'm also trying to be committed to leaving more comments {and I added my blog to your blog roll! what fun!}. Have a great Monday!

  3. Thanks for that post. I have only been reading blogs for three months and had my own for less than two. It is a whole new world to me. And you are so right. With over 500 pageviews I have only had four comments and those are all from people I know. As I have had people from 16 different countries visit I know that some of them are strangers. (Example - I have had 184 views from Finland and I only know one person there. I know she likes the blog but not THAT much I am sure!) Did they like it? Did they return? It's all a mystery to me.

    So on that note - I have been reading your blog for a couple of months but I shall add myself as a follower so you know who is stopping by and I will see if I can figure out this blog roll thing. (It has all been a learning curve!!)

    Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one out here wondering who my readers are.

  4. I haven't committed to the next button yet because I keep everything sorted in folders in Reader and I like sorting by category. I'll try soon!

  5. I've installed the next button now. BEST. THING. EVER. Thanks!

  6. What a good idea, better than a blog roll and very impressed that you can work the linky thing!

  7. Thats a great idea... I dont know how I found your blog, but I'm going to follow it now, 'coz I loved it... :)
    So just to say, "I was here"
    Cheers from India

  8. Oh yes, I remember now... LOL... I was clicking through all people's blogs that were featured in the SSF week!!! How dumb is that???


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