Saturday, March 12, 2011

It feels like Christmas!

Yesterday was the day... I was so excited that it was March 11th I couldn't stand it.

Do you know what I was excited for?? If you remember back, last week I wrote about the announcement of the iPad 2 coming out and how it was my Christmas/Valentines/Birthday present from my fiancee. I have never been one to just go out and buy something the minute it comes out, ever. But Paul on the other hand is obsessed with apple and all of their products. And likes to splurge now and again too...

For example: He has been telling me for months that he wants the iPhone. He has had a blackberry for 2 years. Used it in the beginning for 2 months then decided to go back to a regular just talking and texting phone. So he did. The blackberry just sat there..... Unused. Until his regular talk and text phone died. (and I truly mean died. As in flash of the screen and won't turn on anymore, HA!). So he went back to th blackberry.....does he use it for all it's worth? Heck no! So WHY does he need an iPhone?! Anyway, back the the iPad....

I always know when Paul is up to something because he starts acting weird. For example, asking for things that he has never asked for before, making weird phone calls, getting all nervous and gitty, etc. Well it was Christmas eve-eve and he was asking me for construction paper.... What in the world does he need construction paper for... So my family does Christmas on Christmas eve, no "construction paper present". Paul and I do Christmas/Stockings on Christmas morning, no "construction paper present". Then Paul's family does Christmas on Christmas day, still no "construction paper present". So we get home on Christmas night and he still hasn't mentioned anything about the construction paper. So I ask {because I don't forget a thing} "so I never saw any "construction paper"....". He acted like he didn't know was I was talking about, of course!

He got ready for bed and then came back into my room with one last present!!!! I opened it and inside there was one of those folded paper game thingys {yes that is the technical term, :-P} We had to play the game to find out what the present was. And it was my choice of either an iPad or an iPod!!!

I couldn't believe it!! I was so excited!! Ahhhh!!

Yesterday was the day... It was quite an interesting day for one reason or another, but in the end it happened! I waited in line for 2hrs and got my iPad 2!

Did you get yours yet?

Do you already have one and have any apps you would like to recommend to me? I am looking for a blog and google reader app and getting the "next" button onto my iPad {that I blogged about recently....}.

Would love to hear from you!



    I don't know if this works on the ipad. But I have found it useful from time to time.

  2. Ah, lucky you! Is it very sleek and shiny?!

    I'm a bit backward with my gadgets, still only have a flip phone, an MP3 player and a laptop... But if I could find me a good reason to justify the purchase, I would get myself an iPad in the blink of an eye!

    Funny, the construction paper incident. Reminds me of the one day I came home in December and the whole house smelled of lemon. Marco would not say what he had been up to, but for Christmas I got some homemade bath bombs. He does not seize to amaze me!


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