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{Handmade} Scrappy Pincushion Swap III

I am so far behind with my blogging it's a little ridiculous, one of these days I will be ahead of the game :). So watch for several upcoming posts on what's been happening at Blue-J Cottage!

I shared with you (here) the fabulous pincushions I received from RuthieQuilts. She did such a great job incorporating all my likes...vintage, red & aqua, wizard of oz, etc. I am still so thrilled with them! I cannot thank Ruth enough! [Thank You, Ruth!]

Now I would like to share with you the pincushion I made for my partner:

My partner was not very vocal within the group, which made it hard to decide what to do... I enjoy the thrill of "stalking" my partners to find out little tidbits about them and things that they like, so I can make something that is truly unique and personal to them. So this was a challenge since there was not much "stalking" to be done!

For my birthday my sister and brother-in-law got my the current Quilts & More magazine and a very generous gift certificate to Joann Fabric's! [Thanks Jill & Sean!]

The magazine has some great projects and the one that really appealed to me was the little Hamburger on the right hand side. It is a pincushion! How cute!! And a perfect little project for the swap!

So off to my sewing corner I went :) It turned out sooooo cute! Oh, and it got me singing...."Cheeseburger in Paradise!" "I like mine with lettuce and tomato...." :) (I sure hope my partner isn't a vegetarian...)

{Scrappy Pincushion Swap 3} Sneak Peaks! {Scrappy Pincushion Swap 3} Cheeseburger in Paradise! {Scrappy Pincushion Swap 3} hint hint 2 {Scrappy Pincushion Swap 3} :)

I sure hope my partner likes it...I cannot reveal who that may be yet, as she has not received it yet.

Pattern notes [for those of you who may want to try it out!]:

I did end up modifying the pattern a little bit just because I found a few things that didn't quite work out the way I had hoped....

1. You need a 3.5" canning lid and band for the base of the bun. In the pattern it called for "3.5in -diameter canning jar lid with insert". I knew what it was asking for but when I went to the store it didn't describe it the I was confused for about 10min while I stood there trying figure it out. I purchased the wide mouth jar lids & bands. I found mine at Kroger. It came in a package of 12 (I think I am going to be making quite a few of these...). It had no measurements on the box so I had to guess... Here is a link to something similar, so you know what you are looking for.

2. It does not tell you to cover the lid with fabric. I chose to, to give it s finished look. I used pattern C. And used glue on the under side only so it would not get the top greasy.... (ask me how I figured that out...HA!)

3. I added an extra layer of batting to the base, one under the band and one inside the band under the lid. To give it extra sturdiness. 1 could be a heavier batting

4. I chose not to sew around the outside of the lettuce...just personal preference.

5. The top bun is a little off in sizing if you go with the wide mouth lids (I did measure them and it measured at 3.5" but as I learned last night while sewing with my sister....I am not good t following patterns...or measuring...or counting really....oops!). So I added a 1/4 of an inch to the base of the top bun (pattern D) and the same to the top of the top bun (pattern C).

6. I used a thicker batting for the base of the top bun so that, again, it would be sturdier.

7. I used elastic instead of the 1x6" strip of fabric to hold the bun together.

8. I used felt for all inside pieces instead of the wool.

I hope you find these hints helpful when making this super cute summery project :) If you feel these aren't accurate, please let me know.... This is just what worked for me!

Happy Sewing and Swapping!

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  1. Very cute! Turned out great! I thought that magazine was great because of all the little projects inside. Glad you liked it...


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