Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally Friday Inspirations

I decide to join: {Monday Morning Inspiration via Two Peas in a Pod Designs} even though I am 4 days late ;)

Today's inspiration:

There are so many projects I am wanting to do and so many things I am wanting to try (along with tons of things I need to do too...) It's hard to decide what to do first! {Do you ever have that problem?} I guess I just need to make a decision and run with it! Pick one thing and start {and make sure I finish too ;)}

I have had these books laying around my house for awhile:
Books I love, and need to use more!

And I recently picked up these books at the library:
Picked these up from the library!  Excited for the projects within :)

I love looking at books and getting ideas for things to make, and especially love books that give you the How-to's for doing the projects. I just picked up this little gem, that has great projects and easy to follow instructions! Cannot wait to use it:
Just picked this gem up!

And since today is the first official day of fall!!!
Here are some fabrics that I plan to use for several projects in these books :)

Fabric inspiration?  Halloween postcard?

Happy Fall y'all!

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