Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby Sieg

One of PB's former co-workers is having a BABY BOY! We are so excited for her and her husband. I attended a shower yesterday celebrating Mom and Baby, and of course made a few little things.

Gift for baby Sieg

Gift for baby Sieg

Gift for baby Sieg

Gift for baby Sieg

Gift for baby Sieg

Gift for baby Sieg

Congrats Melissa!

Friday, February 10, 2012


I did it...

I was sewing late at night...

And I tried to cut my finger off with my rotary cutter...

Oh boy did it hurt! I immediately put it in my mouth to stop the bleeding, that didn't work at all! So I rinsed it under water, that didn't work! I showed PB, he got light headed. I wrapped it and walked around the house with my hands over my head, saying 'we can't go to the emergency room.' 'you just quit your job.' Can we afford the emergency room?' Then I would pause to look at my finger, 'Oh, we have to go to the emergency room...' So we went to the emergency room.

I got two stitches, a tetanus shot, and they wrapped my finger with a band-aid. I felt silly leaving the hospital with a bandaid on my finger. I am sure the other people in the emergency room thought I was a hypochondriac. But I assure you it was bad! I couldn't even touch it for weeks without it tingling with major major pain.

For those curious... (close your eyes if you have a queazy stomach!)

I tried to slice my finger off... OUCH!

I really lucked out (if I can even say that)... My finger is healing nicely and the nail did end up having to come off, but only the tip that I cut. THANK GOODNESS. It was still scary. And still hurt really bad. It still hurts a bit...but I am able to type with it again, so that's a good sign.

So here is my advice for you: Be super careful when you are sewing late! And be even more careful with you are using a rotary cutter!!

Be Careful Friends!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moving on Up


Long time no see!

So remember back here when I mentioned my love for Chicago? Well it turns out I had a little foresight... My husband, PB, received a job offer he couldn't pass up, so we will be moving to CHICAGO!

This is a very exciting adventure for us, but definitely bittersweet. Both of our families live very close to where we live now, so we are able to spend much of our spare time with them. Moving to Chicago will reduce that time... but on the other side it is only 6 hours to home. I have been teaching dance for 6 years, it is going to be hard to leave my students... some of them I have taught since they were 2.5 years old.

There are so many things that are going to make leaving hard, but I am trying to stay positive. I am excited to start a new career path and hopefully focus on my love for sewing a little more. I think it is going to be so awesome to live close enough that my family and friends can come and visit. Right now all of our (PB & I's) immediate family is all together, we don't really have too many places to visit just because... So this will give everyone a place to go just because, and it is close enough to be able to go just for a weekend. I will also be close to one of my roommates from college, Ashley, who is getting married this summer so it will be so great to be there for all of the events.

Our timeline is fairly quick. Our current lease is up at the end of February, so we have to move by then. PB started his job on Monday and is currently staying with one of his roommates from college. We don't have a place to live as of yet. PB is starting to look at apartments today, so we will see what he comes up with. I am hoping that I can go see it before we decide...but who knows...

So this is how I am going to be spending the next several weeks...

Packing up my life :(
I am all alone to pack up our whole house...sigh. Anyway want to have a packing party instead of sewing party? Ha!

Make it a great day!