Thursday, March 8, 2012

{Chicago} We made it! Beginning to Explore...

Update!! Since many of you are curious, which I love and appreciate! :)

Things are going good here. We moved up to Chicago on Saturday, March 3rd with many AWESOME helpful and willing hands. (We are so thankful for all of the help!) My Mom and Brother came up too, which was a big help. The place is big and nice, and in a great neighborhood...with plenty of FREE street parking. (Which is hard to come by in the city, but we are glad to have.)

New Apt in Chicago in Roscoe Village

The house was left pretty dirty, and with several left/abandoned items in it... Makes it a bit of a challenge, but who doesn't plan on cleaning when they move into a new place? We are slowly sifting through boxes, it has been a slower process than planned becuase I have been sick since Monday. Not really sure what it is, but just feeling weak and exhausted all the time. I am starting to feel better...send good vibes and healing prayers my way, please!

We took all who helped us to a pizza place at Damen and Ashland, it was really good! The place was called Pizzaco, we chose it because it got great reviews on Yelp.

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There are a lot of restaurants up here that are BYOB, Pizzaco is one, so Ashley (my roommate from Freshman year at Hope, who lives close by in the Chicago suburbs) and I ran over to the liquor store and grabbed a case of beer. Pizza and Beer after moving, why not!?

Sunday morning, before my Mom and Brother headed out of town, we had breakfast at a super awesome retro brunch spot in Roscoe Village called Kitsch'n.

Photo Mar 15, 2012 2:20 PM
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It was sooo up my alley. It was decorated as if you stepped back into the 50s/60s, it was so fun! The tables, the chairs, the lamps, etc. the silverware and napkins were stored on the tables in a toaster. There was an 8ball, to help you decide, on almost every table.(If you don't know, I love all things vintage and would live in an all vintage inspired house if I could). The food was good and they have fun patio area, that you can rent out for private parties etc.

I have been able to explore the area a bit. PB did well. It is in a NICE area! I have walked around and have taken the bus/train a few places. There are some great antique and vintage shops near by, which of course are right up my alley. I found this cute little bakery/cafe that is called Blue Sky.

Blue Sky Bakery and CafeBlue Sky Bakery and CafeBlue Sky Bakery and Cafe

Love their mission. They are a not-for-profit, working with Chicago's homeless and at-risk youth. Giving them an opportunity to work, learn and be around positive role models. Such an awesome idea. And it's right around the corner from our apt.
I got my hair cut at a super cute hair salon called, Flip.

Photo Mar 15, 2012 2:51 PM
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Wendy was the stylist and part owner. Not too often do I find a hair stylist that I actually feel like talking to, she was great.
I have explored a few other places, so more to come soon!
Enjoy the beautiful weather!


  1. Your house looks lovely. I like the stairs leading up to the doorway. Glad the move went well and you already seem to be feeling very much at home! Make sure to email me your address for PIF! x

  2. Chicago is one of my all time favorite cities and I would move there in a heartbeat. My fiance is in North Central Indiana and I may have to move there (ugh! not cool after living near NYC). However, Chicago is only a about 3 hours away :) It would be the only way I would survive. Enjoy!


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