Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Football Season!!

I love football season!

I love that you get to gather with friends and family and watch a good old American sport. I love that the leaves change color. I love that there is a crisp breeze in the air. I love the smell of campfires and and cook outs. Heck, I just love Fall! Oh I could go on and on!

Although I have been fairly quiet these days, I have been sewing my heart out! I have lots to share, but it'll take some time, so bare with me!

Since we are on the topic of football season, I grew up in Columbus, Ohio so college football is very important in my house, especially the Ohio State Buckeyes! Every Saturday means dressing in Scarlet and Grey, no matter if you are tailgating, going to the game, watching the game or nothing at all!

Naturally, some of the items that I have been sewing away at are Scarlet & Grey and Ohio State themed:

Buckeye Onesie


Buckeye Toddler Tee (Also available in solid colors)


Ohio State Onesie w/ Star & Buckeye


Ohio State Toddler Tee


Buckeye Tie Onesie


Buckeye Flower Hair Clip


My sister Jill, just had a baby girl Emerson. And she too was sporting her Scarlet & Grey on football Saturday!


More to come!

Happy Sewing! And Happy Fall!


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