Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness | November 2, 2012


30 Days of Thankfulness - November 2012

Day 2: I am thankful that a credit I have been waiting for and working on for what seems like forever, finally went through!

This may seem silly, but for my family this is huge! You see, I lost my job in early September. Which although is an awful thing, truly it was for the best and I have not once been sad about it. I hated that job. And I could not be happier not working there. The environment was toxic and the upper management and owners had no clue what they were doing. But that's what happens when you have zero business experience. Anyway, they 'let me go' because of a situation that was totally falsified...but I had known for awhile { because I am super observant } that they wanted to find a way to get rid of me. So in late August my Manager asked if I was pregnant... I did say yes, but this was the first time I had vocalized it to anyone there. This was also right before I went on 'vacation', where I headed back to Ohio for the birth of my niece, Emerson, and to stay with my sister to help out with Coen as they got used to having two kids in the house. Well the day I got back, all the big wigs were in the store and low and behold... they 'let me go' for the falsified situation. I truly believe it was because I was pregnant. But either way, I could not be happier to not be working there any longer. :)

So back to this credit, it came just in time and I so thankful for it. It feels like a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders. { At least for now ;) }

Happy November!

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