Monday, February 25, 2013

Quietly Busy

I have been very quiet for sometime now. I blogged here and there over the last year but nothing to be excited about. I was going through a lot of change. I don't deal with change well... As you can see, I get quiet. I bottle it all up inside and I am pretty sure I don't breathe. Eventually, I breathe. It just takes time.

Although, I have been quiet, I have been very busy. Last summer, I made a commitment to my etsy shop - which has been successful thus far. In November, my son was born - everything changed (Shocker, right?). I also made a commitment to myself, to make time to sew for myself, my family and my friends. All in all, my sewing machine has had a great work out this year, which makes me happy.

For me sewing is therapy. It is my me time. In fact, the morning that my husband and I realized I was in labor, while waiting for the doctor to call, I sewed. Yep, I sewed! My husband thought I was crazy, but I needed to do something to relax. I needed to calm down and think about something other than the fact that I was about to have a baby. So I sewed and it helped.

Now that Wylie is here, finding time to sew is tricky - as is showering, getting dressed, going to the store, sleeping... Things that we often take for granted. But I made a commitment - and although I struggle with keeping my commitments - it is important to my sanity that I keep this one.

So off to the sewing machine I go.

Happy Sewing! And Happy New Year, since I haven't been around :)