Friday, March 15, 2013

Time for Me


While pregnant, one piece of advice I heard a lot was, make sure you find time for yourself too.

Since Wylie was born, I have made a point to try to make time for myself a couple times a week. So far it has been successful, but it's not fool proof... that's for sure!

Usually, it's when I occasionally get to take a nice hot shower. I never realized how relaxing a shower was until I needed a little me time. Being a Mom doesn't exactly allow for the luxuries of showering everyday, or at least it doesn't in my house... So when I think I have a moment, I try to take advantage of it and hop in the shower.

I also, try to sneak out right after he has eaten to run a few errands. I pass him off to PB, so I can go to Target (typically) or to any other store just to have a little me time.

Lastly, me time for me is (of course) sewing! Sewing has always been something that relaxes me. In fact, the morning that I had Wylie, I sewed. Yep! I was waiting for the doctor to call us back and decided I needed to do something to help me relax. PB thought I was a little crazy, but it helped! I promise.

I do have days where I desperately need to be alone, but truly, those are few and far between. I really enjoy being with Wylie! He is such a good baby and I love watching him grow and learn. And we enjoy spending time together as a 3 piece family, as well. We have had a few people offer to babysit for us, and we would love for them to, but we just don't need it yet. We are happy spending time together and being a family. I'm sure there will be a point where we will want a sitter, but for right now, being with family is good.

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  1. Well congrats on the new baby! I'm so glad you joined the covert robin, a perfect thing to do for some me time!


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