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My name is Julia. I am 27 years old. My Birthday is March 1st. I think Birthday's are special days and love to make others feel special on their Birthday!

I recently got married on July 2, 2011! 9 years and 1 day after my Husband, Paul, and I's first date.

Our wedding was held on a family farm. The colors were Aqua and Red and verything about our wedding was very eclectic and vintage inspired. I even made my wedding dress!! (YES! The dress pictured above!) I purchased the vintage 1950s pattern, for the dress, from the Coutry Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio in the fall of 2010. Here are a few snapshots:

PB&J Wedding
PB&J Wedding
PB&J Wedding
PB&J Wedding

I have a cat named Bailey. 

He is almost 14 years old. He's an Orange tabby. I love everything that is or has an orange kitty on it.

I love antiques and love to go to estate sales and auction houses.

I love Sewing! Over the last year I have pursued sewing more and more and I just can't get enough. I now try to make almost everything. I get most of my fabric at Sew to Speak
, they offer wonderful classes and the staff is amazing. If you are ever in Columbus, Ohio...it is definently worth a stop!

By day (and night), I am a dance teacher! It really is so much fun and I love every single one of my students.

I went to college in Holland, Michigan at Hope College. So I smile when I see things that say Hope, or Holland. I loved it up there. Especially the beach and the "Big Red" lighthouse.

While at Hope, I also studied abroad in Berlin, Germany. I LOVE BERLIN! Everything about it makes me happy and I wish I could go back everyday. Every time I hear someone speak German, or see something German, or hear about Berlin I get so excited. I love it.

I also lived in Chicago, which is my favorite city in the USA. I LOVE CHICAGO (too)!! :o) I danced a lot while in Chicago, and taught dance in the Chicago Public Schools System.  It was also a lot of fun.

I love yellow and red.  Also aqua and blue.  I pretty much like any color.  Truly, as long as it's bright and happy.  I will be happy too!  The only color I don't really like too much is pink. But I like it in certain instances....like with valentine's day stuff. However, I prefer MAGENTA when it comes to pink. (It's probably the fact that I am surrounded by light pink and all things pink everyday of my life while teaching dance...)

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